10 amazing smartphone add-on gadgets

  1. Solar Charger Power Banks for those who forget to charge your usual power banks
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  2. Popsocket grips, if you are clumsy and happen to drop your phone often, it gives a better grip to your phone.
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  3. Macro Lenses for your smartphone to enhance your photography experience one step further
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  4. Cell Phone sanitizers, Yes phone sanitizers to amazingly keep your phone bacteria and germs free and as well charge your phones with it.
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    Most of these products guarantee that it kills 99.99% of all the bacteria and germs and has USB and USB-C ports to charge your phones.  
  5. Selfie Flash and why not? When currently it’s the era of selfies.
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  6. Portable mini photo printer if you love to print and collect photos and would love to do it at home by yourself.
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  7. Waterproof pouch/case for your smartphone just in case you want to click pictures under water and maybe otherwise if you don’t want your phone to get soaked when you happen to drop it in the pool.
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  8. Headphone splitter cable adapter when you have no intention to share your earphone with anybody else or you can’t share your headphones.
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  9. USB On the Go (OTG) adapter when you need to transfer pictures from your camera directly to your smartphone when’s nothing’s possible.
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  10. Portable wireless Bluetooth speakers one of the best travel companion and useful at home too.
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