10 Magnificent Animals of Asia which got extinct during modern times

Here are the top 10 magnificent animals of Asia which got extinct in modern times:

1. Vietnamese Javan rhinoceros  in 2010

Presumed extinct in the mid-1970s at the end of Vietnam War, the Javan rhinoceros, however, survived the Vietnam war but after much effort to increase the population of the animal by the conservationist, later in May 2010, sadly the one last surviving Vietnam Javan rhinoceros was shot dead by a poacher. The extinction of Javan rhinoceros in Vietnam was confirmed in October 2011.


2.Formosan clouded leopard in the 1990s

It was once endemic to the island of Taiwan. But it’s now listed as extinct on International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN) Red list since the camera tapping studies carried out between 1997 and 2000 in several protected areas in Taiwan didn’t reveal the presence of the clouded leopard

3.Japanese river otter  in 1979

It was once widespread in Japan but its population suddenly shrank in the 1930s. The Japanese river otter was last sighted in Kōchi Prefecture in 1979. Now it’s officially declared extinct. Although, several claims of sighting the animal has been made after 1979.

4.Japanese sea lion in 1974

Commercial hunting in the 1900s led to its extinction. A last juvenile specimen was captured in 1974 off the coast of Rebun Island of Japan.

5.Javan tiger in 1970s

It’s a tiger population which lived in the Indonesian island but got extinct in 1970s.

6.Caspian tiger in 1970s

They were found in eastern Turkey, Xinjiang in western China, Mesopotamia, and the Caucasus around the Caspian Sea through Central Asia to northern Afghanistan. Depending on the region of its occurrence, the Caspian tiger was also called Hyrcanian tiger, Turanian tiger and Babre Mazandaran. Caspian tiger population was assessed as extinct in 2003.


7.Queen of Sheba’s gazelle in 1951


Also called Yemen gazelle, it was found on the mountains and hillsides in Yemen but none of it has been sighted since 1951. It is an extinct species of gazelle.

8.Schomburgk’s deer in 1938

The Schomburgk’s deer is thought to have gone extinct by1938. Although there are speculation that the deer might still exist. It is Native to central Thailand. Overhunting in 1932, unfortunately, lead to its extinction with the last captive individual been killed in 1938.


9.Bali tiger in 1937

The tiger population that lived in the Indonesian Island of Bali. In the late 1930s, the last tigers were recorded. However, it is reported that a few individuals likely survived into the 1940s and possibly 1950s.  Hunting to extirpation and its natural habitat destruction lead to its extinction.

1o.Caucasian wisent in 1927

By 1921 only 50 Caucasian wisents were left in Western Caucasus. Local poaching led to its extinction; the last three Caucasian wisents were killed in 1927. It was a subspecies of European bison.

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