10 Useful and easy tips an individual can adopt daily to help Stop ‘Global heating’

Believe it or not but our earth is heating up at a very faster rate like never before. Since we all live together on this earth, each step taken by an individual daily will, of course, make a huge difference to the current situation.
We don’t necessarily have to be a scientist, environmentalist, activists or politicians to make a difference in the world. We all could simply make a few changes to our lifestyles, which in fact can benefit towards bettering our environment and help stop ‘Global Warming’.

So let’s take a look at some of these changes, the 10 tips we all can adopt in our daily activities:

  1. Use partition vegetable bags: It simply eliminates all you need to reason out or make excuses to rely on plastics or paper bags. The excuses such as: “I need plastics or paper bags to organize the vegetables”.
  2. A humble request: Segregate your waste, at the least, between green and non-green at your homes. It will contribute a hell a lot of help towards bettering the environment.
  3. You can also use eggshells, green tea or tea bags and coffee/ tea grounds as a fertilizer for your indoor plants or for your garden. That way you can not only cut on waste but also you get free organic fertilizers.

  4. Try to keep warm by wearing as much warm cloth as possible and also hand warmers plus socks during cold winters rather than relying all the time on heaters. You can save energy as well as some money spent on heaters!

  5. Whenever possible ride your bike or walk more instead of heavily relying on cars even when you don’t need to. It’s not only good for your health but you will be favoring our earth too.  Then choosing public transport is another option and it will save your ‘money’ paid to maintain your car in good condition and keep it moving.

  6. Switch off the Lights Please when you don’t need to use it. Make it a habit.

  7. You can always choose to use an eco-friendly kitchen cloth rather than a paper towel. Kitchen clothes can be washed properly and reused. Paper towels are thrown right away and mostly can’t get recycled since most of the paper towels are reportedly already a recycled product and its fibers get too short to be used again. The process of production of paper towels already has a very bad impact on the earth.

  8. Reminder: LED light bulbs over incandescent bulbs, always.

  9. Keep indoor plants because it’s not only good for the environment but indoor plants are said to be good for your health and it also purifies the air in your rooms. Also, make time to ‘plant the trees’.

  10. Share your knowledge, Spread awareness about ‘climate crisis’
    Don’t be shy to share your knowledge about global warming and how it benefits oneself, the earth and everyone else when each one of us chooses to make even a few efforts to make a difference. Talk about how the earth is heating up and has reached at an emergency stage, to your family, friends, colleagues and even write a blog about what you have learned to create awareness. 

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