Ocean pollution: 12 Countries which Pollutes the Oceans the most

Pollution, in general, is rapidly destroying our earth and causing grave harm to all living beings. Activists around the world are trying to bring the focus on pollution so that the world could come up with a solution to this growing threat which currently, is widely ignored despite the efforts.

But it’s real as ever and man-made Marine pollution is a crisis already. It’s destroying the marine ecosystem.
We can only question to ourselves, how civilized are the current civilization of the world who can’t even manage one’s own waste and rather dump it in rivers and finally the ocean.

Here are the 12 countries, according to Statista’s The Statistics Potal, which are polluting the oceans the most as of 2019; 

  • CHINA. China remains on top in terms of polluting the ocean with 8.8 million metric tons of mismanaged plastic waste and around 3.53 million metric tons of it being ended up in the ocean. They have recently observed a very good change in terms of air pollution reportedly being reduced due to stringent measures taken by their government. However, it's taken on marine pollution, especially in terms of plastic mismanagement is yet to be seen.


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