21st century and still the Unflushed Public Toilets



Yes, we all are living in 21st century and in a world modernized in a way like never before. Times are changing, yeah but why are most of the public toilets still so dirty and smelly? At that, why are people barbaric enough to not flush their own shit?!
A yucky topic much? But I am compelled to write about it after undergoing those horrible toilet scenes multiple times at so many different places.

This article is definitely not about being germ-phobic but a plea to some people to put some sense into their own head.

“Flush me well and keep me clean. I’ll never tell what I have seen …”

You go take time out of work during weekends to go to malls for shopping or visit places with your family or simply go out to dine out with friends/families. Then you need to visit the washroom. It feels like a breath of fresh air upon discovering a public toilet. But as soon as you enter, you are welcomed to a very unpleasant odour and at worst, you come across toilets which are ‘not flushed’.
At least sometimes, somewhere, we do get lucky somehow and find that one room of toilet which, by the grace of the universe, is clean!

Well, most of us have experienced this situation. I can never stop wondering why people can’t flush the damn toilet. Don’t they have a sense that this thoughtless and disgusting behaviour of theirs not only disgusts the next user but such an act is quite unsanitary. Of course, all of us are aware of how unhygienic places and toilets are capable of inflicting and spreading diseases.

All those toilet slogans should make sense at the very first place but again, why do we even need one if people just edify a bit by pushing that flush button. That would be really appreciative and also, no body gets ‘cursed’!

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