5 things what “Own your shit!” is all about

You might have already heard about this phrase many times and others have even used it several times, some knowing the depth of its meaning while others use this phrase without having much idea about what it actually means.

So here, I’m going to write 5 things what ‘Own Your Shit!!” actually means and it is purely based on some of my researches on the internet and how I could relate it to my real life.
Depending on your current scenario, the meanings could be stated separately or could mean everything together all at one time.

Let’s take a look at what ‘Own Your Shit!” is all about:

1. Accept your mistakes


People make mistakes and there’s no harm in accepting your mistakes. When needed, also apologize and acknowledge your faults. It won’t downgrade you in any sense but it will only make you wiser or make you feel better and even might be admired for the move.



2. Stop blaming and move on

There are people who will never ever speak it out of their mouth that they made a mistake because they tend to blame any other person or at that, even a rock or a statue or any material they find for the wrongs they themselves contributed to because of their own faults.

But that is not the way. Sometimes you just have to do some self-reflection and really think twice before pointing that finger on others for the mistakes you made yourself.

This could also come out harsh on some people who actually are wronged or manipulated or stabbed in the back by another person. But what good does it really brings by constantly blaming them, despite the fact whether they wronged you or not?


It only consumes your precious time in thinking about those people who may never even apologize ever for what they did to you or in the first place, even accept the fact that they were wrong.
Then the only person who will suffer is you.
(Again, if you are being abused physically or mentally or you are being harmed or harassed in any way, please do get out of it, react and complain to respective authorities.)

So, what happened happened. If you made a mistake, accept it and don’t blame it on others. If you were the one wronged, then too stop blaming and just move on without ever giving a shit about those people who are there with you momentarily for their own advantage.

3. Stop making excuses

Do you try to make excuses to hide the fact that you were wrong and try to make yourself look good? Well, stop doing that because excuses never help, for you and people who actually want to understand why you did what you did. Simply, take responsibility and respond.

Depending on what you did upon what circumstances will, of course, affect the outcome of you ‘giving reasons’ and ‘no excuses’. But whatever the outcome, good or bad, you’ve got to make peace with it. Then try not to repeat the same mistakes again, ever.

4. Till it happens to them, they don’t know. Stop explaining yourself again and again! At the end of the day, only you know what you know. So deal with your life alone if it may be and also feel the glory of solitariness.

They don’t get it because they weren’t in your shoes. Those who have to understand will understand. Those who won’t and doesn’t want to understand your point or at that, who doesn’t really care about your feelings, these are the last people you need to deal with in your life.

5. Own your feelings, own your actions and words and embrace every shit of yourself and then let it go. Don’t repeat the same mistakes.
Also, own your shit really means owning your shit. It’s none of your faults when some other person who doesn’t know how to own their shit and throw their problems on your face or blame you for unimaginable things, then you got to just cut all ties with those kinds of people. You got to simply live your life, owning only your shits and no theirs.

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