5 of our favorite movies franchises & TV shows that are coming to an end in 2019

Well well. Hard truth first:
We meet. We depart. We born and we die eventually. Similarly what begins finally ends and this is the case with our favourite shows and movie franchises which are going to leave us teary-eyed after watching the end, whether its tear-jerker or not.
But the best thing is, we can re-watch it again and again till we finally get satisfied, provided if you can ever get enough of watching your favorites though. SO I’ve come up with the lists of our most loved TV shows/movie franchise which are ending this year.
Let’s take a look:

1.The Big bang Theory

So after 12th season, there won’t be next season and we are probably going to miss all the laughs. The big bang theory is ending with 273 episodes. Leonard, Penny, Sheldon, Howard, Raj, Bernadette, Amy, Stuart and everything about the big bang theory has kept us ROFL.  

2.How to train your dragon

How to train your dragon: The hidden world is the final installment in the How to train your dragon trilogy.

3.The spine-chilling, somewhat gruesome and merciless ‘Game of Thrones’ yet the highly anticipated storyline


Well, at least we all are at peace (& grateful to the makers) that the Stark sibling finally did meet together.  However, the end is yet to be seen.

Sad that there won’t be Game of thrones anticipation after 2019 along with the suspense and ‘punch in the face’ surprises when your favourite characters are brutally killed off in this series drama.


4.Orange is the New Black

So it’s confirmed that Netflix’s most-watched original series is indeed coming to an end with its 7th season in 2019.
Critically acclaimed and have received many accolades, the comedy-drama is actually based on a bestselling memoir of real life experiences of Piper Kerman, published by her of the same name.


By now, everyone knows that Avengers: Endgame is indeed the end for Avengers movie franchises which has been running for all eleven years as stated in the image posted by our favourite ‘movie spoiler’ Mark Ruffalo in his tweet.

the franchise which gave us spine-chilling excitement and contentment with each movie. How each time it blew our mind watching it. There perhaps is going to be new Avengers franchise with the newest gangs of ‘Avengers’ in the movie but damn are we going to miss the currents Avengers most of who has come to their end of contract.





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