7 Best Priyanka Chopra movies to date

Priyanka Chopra Jonas is one of the most loved and one of the highest-paid actresses in India and now her charm has reached Hollywood too. She is an actress, a singer, film producer, philanthropist, winner of the Miss World 2000 pageant, social-media influencer and in March, YouTube’s original show “If I Could Tell You Just One Thing”   featuring Chopra got launched exclusively on her YouTube channel. 

Her new movie, the much anticipated Bollywood’s movie in 2019, The Sky Is Pink is slated to release on 11 October 2019. Chopra is starring in the movie which she also co-produced. And everyone’s eagerly waiting for the movie including us. 

Before her journey into Hollywood, Chopra has come a long way from her Miss World pageant days. She gained massive success in her career with accolades in India and she is quite hugely influential. Her influence is only growing not just in India but globally. She has been named as one of the 100 most influential people in the world by Time in2016. Then in 2017 and 2018, Forbes listed her among the World’s 100 Most Powerful Women.

So let’s take a look at 7 best movies of Priyanka Chopra’s career to date, which were both critically acclaimed and well received by the audiences (we are only excited for more of her movies in future):



  1. Barfi!
    Priyanka Chopra played the role of an autistic girl named Jhilmil in the movie for which she has been praised by both critics and audience.
    Barfi! unfolds a beautiful story between Barfi, Shruti and Jhilmil. It is an optimistic and street-wise Murphy Barfi who is born deaf and mute and his relationship with Shruti and Jhilmil. There’s a bit of twist and suspense in the film along with comedy, romance and sweet songs.

  2. Mary Kom
    Mary Kom is a 2014 biographical sports film wherein Priyanka Chopra portrays the role of Mary Kom, an Indian Olympic boxer from Manipur, India. The movie depicts Kom’s journey of becoming a boxer to her victory at the 2008 World Boxing Championships in Ningbo. 
  3. 7 Khoon Maaf
    It is a 2011 black comedy film which is an adaptation of the short story Susanna’s Seven Husbands by Ruskin Bond.
    Chopra portrays the character of Susanna Anna-Marie Johannes, an Anglo-Indian woman who causes deaths of her six husbands, all of whom have flaws and wrongs her, in an unending quest for love.

  4. Dil Dhadakne Do
    The movie depicts family drama, sweet sibling chemistry, and romance. It tells a story of a dysfunctional Punjabi family, the Mehras and their family and friends who they invite for a ten-day cruise across the Mediterranean to celebrate Kamal Mehra and Neelam Mehra’s 30th wedding anniversary.   
    Priyanka Chopra portrays the role of Ayesha Mehra-Sangha who has a strong personality and believes in female empowerment in the movie. 
  5. Fashion
    The movie depicts the transformation of Meghna Mathur (portrayed by Chopra) from a small-town girl to a supermodel. It also illustrates the careers of models, the challenges they face after achieving success, their rise and fall, and the Indian fashion industry.

  6. Aitraaz
    Chopra portrays a negative role in the movie for which she received widespread critical acclaim and accolades.
    Released in the year 2004, the movie tells the story of a man wrongfully accused of sexual harassment by his female superior who is also his former lover. He and his wife try to prove his innocence.

  7. Bajirao Mastani
    Bajirao Mastani
    is an Indian epic historical romance film, narrating the captivating story of the Maratha Peshwa Bajirao I (1700–1740 AD) and Mastani, princess of Bundelkhand.
    Chopra plays the supporting role of Kashibai, the first wife of Bajirao I.


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