Natalie Portman – 7 Best Movies & Admirable Performance

Natalie Portman is not only a successful Academy Award-winning actress but she is also a Harvard Graduate, a producer, writer and a director all in one. The Israeli-American actress is also an advocate for animal’s rights and for various other causes and she’s a vegan. The list could go on about how and why we admire Portman soo much. We all witnessed her journey over the years and she never cease to amaze us, with her work and the person she is. The character she plays in her offbeat movies each time depicts her outstanding and excellent on-screen artistry.

Here are 7 such movies we totally admired watching Portman in and couldn’t simply get enough of her:

  • Anywhere but Here (1999). Named coming-of-age movie Anywhere but Here is a sweet comedy-drama film where we see a mother-daughter role reversed. Natalie Portman portrays Ann, daughter of Adele played by Susan Sarandon. In the movie, we see Ann as a sullen yet smart, realistic and observant teenager stuck with her mother, Adele who is rather wild and optimistic but quite irresponsible and uncertain with her decisions. The unique mother-daughter pair in the movie is totally lovable to watch and while the movie plot may be somewhat of a repetition of the genre yet it’s quite different than the rest and refreshing.

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