8 easy and much affordable Tips to safeguard you from the smog in Delhi

India’s capital city, Delhi is yet again facing a pollution disaster. Also, it is the season when the country’s poor air quality is worsened.  People are breathing the air fouled by dirty diesel exhaust fumes, construction dust, rising industrial emissions and crop burning, which has created heavy loads of harmful pollutants in the air. In this situation when you are breathing a toxic air which is very harmful for your health, it’s a must that you take precautions.
Also, it is also the time when products like air purifier are high in demand and the prices goes up. Not everyone is able to afford such. But there’s a way to keep safe other than air purifier.

* We learned from Chicago Tribune that health experts say the machines are mostly unnecessary unless a person has a lung condition like asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). 

So, before it’s too late, take precautions. Below are such few recommended tips for leading a healthy life at this crucial time:

1. Check current pollution level using apps:
Majority of people now have smartphones in Delhi. You can download apps to check air quality level every day so that you can make smart decisions accordingly. To name a few, these apps State of the Air, Air Visual, Plume and others.  

2. Use an anti-pollution mask every time you step out:
Every time you go outside, wear an air/anti-pollution mask. It minimizes the risk of getting affected due to toxic air. Since prevention is better than cure, it’s better if you invest on a pollution mask. It isn’t even expensive as an air purifier. There are many anti-pollution masks in market at affordable prices. Better get it sooner. It’s the best thing to do when it’s inevitable to avoid the polluted air. You cut the risk of getting diseases let by breathing toxic air.  

3. Go green – Keep Indoor plants:
Plants are the nature’s own air purifier. NASA’s studies have found that certain plants can naturally purify the indoor air by getting rid of the toxins. Plants like spider plant, fern, ivy, peace lily can significantly curb the air pollutants. These plants are easy to grow and help in reducing mold and allergens.
Aloe Vera, known for its healing abilities provide for an alternative to cleaners which contain harmful chemicals. Bamboo palm and rubber plant are very effective in removing formaldehyde from indoor air. Indoor plants sound much better than the air purifier machines.

4. Eat healthy to boost you immunity:
With the changing season and polluted air, you are prone to fall sick or catch a cold. It’s very important that you eat healthy. So that you are immune to toxic air and don’t get sick.
* Eat food which helps the lungs withstand the effects of air pollutants.

5. Don’t go outside unnecessarily:
Staying outside in an open toxic air increases the risk of diseases like lung diseases, heart attacks, asthma, and other health problems. Now is not the good time to go out. So do so only if necessary.

6. Avoid going near construction sites:
The area near the construction sites are filled with lots of dust and contaminated air. Avoid such places as far as possible. Remedies must be taken to reduce construction sites pollution by both the constructors and the bypassers. In these, the best thing you can do for yourself is to keep away from those sites.

7. Consider traveling more in closed transport:
Instead of traveling in open transport like two-wheelers/Auto rickshaws, it is always recommended to take closed public transport like bus or metro and cars if you prefer.

8.Exercise indoors or Exercise earlier:
Like mentioned above, avoid going outside unnecessarily. If you want to exercise, do it indoors.  But if you want to go out for exercise, than do it earlier because air pollution tends to build up with rush hour.

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