8 life lessons “younger generation” should always remember

There are certain life lessons which you forget or aren’t aware of sometimes but they are very important to keep yourself going ahead in life.   

So let’s take a look at 8 life lessons every teenagers or young adults should never forget:

1.Don’t be scared of being judged

You are not able to speak in front of public in school or colleges, you agree with people even when they are wrong, you are not able to keep your opinion even when you want to and need to, you can’t say no, you are always trying to please people and you always hold yourself back and why? Just because you are too much afraid of being judged? So what? Let them judge you, insult you, misinterpret you or even defame you. That will neither make you any less of a person nor can they hinder your path to success in life unless you decide to give other people the power over your own life.
In fact, all these experiences will only make you stronger. Do what you want to do in life without trying to take consent from every other person. And if need be, fight back to those petty opinion and judgments. It doesn’t matter if they hate you and trust me, haters will hate you anyway even when you are nice to them but importantly, there are others who love you and who won’t judge you!

2. 90% of all the advices your parents give you are the best advices anyone can ever give to you because: They always want the best of best things for you more than anybody else in the world. They are saying whatever they are saying out of their own experiences and lessons they learned in their lives. Well, the rest 10% of the things they believe and say to you may not be totally right all the time and that’s okay. Because they are not perfect and they are only human like the rest of us and you have to make peace with this fact instead of blaming your parents or getting furious at them (which you will definitely regret later in life!!). 

3. Forgive yourself and never give up on you and your dreams

Pretty often we are too harsh on ourselves while we can easily forgive other people. But you need to learn to forgive yourself. Learn from your mistakes and move on. Don’t hold yourself back and waste your precious time and capabilities by feeling too bad or angry at yourself or feeling too sorry for yourself. Even when you feel that circumstances and people gave up on you, you don’t give up on yourself. Keep believing in yourself, in your dreams and work hard to achieve it. As they say, learn from your failures and get back on your feet. 

4. Don’t let your relatives or the society and sometimes even your parents to make you feel dispirited when they say “you are worthless” and always compare you to your classmates, friends or cousins. To be honest, the society and most of your relatives (except for few who genuinely care for you) probably don’t care about your life and what you have to say. Let them be however poisonous they want to be but never let their negativity affect you.
What’s important is for you to talk to your parents. You have to tell them this truth that you can’t be that other person they are comparing you to. You have to tell them that you have your own interests and that it’s unfair of them to be defining your worth based on other people’s interest and their life and that you will do better in life while still being who you are. They won’t know how you feel unless you tell them and your parents will surely understand

5. Find joy in being different from others rather than comparing your life with somebody else’s life.

Here you need to remember that “the grass is always greener on the other side”. You keep on comparing yourself to others, in the process forgetting your self-worth and try to be someone that you are not. Always, Be Yourself. Do your own thing and let them do theirs whatever, however. What’s important is that you shine bright with your own light in life rather than trying to dimly shine by borrowing their light.

6. You will meet lots of people who are always trying to put you down along with people who are always trying to lift you up. What you need to do is don’t listen to people who always try to demotivate you and make you feel bad about yourself. Your future self will thank you for doing that. Instead, put your focus on those who always lift you up, make you feel good about yourself, who always want what’s best for you and wants you to succeed in life.

7. Prioritize your priorities first.
Don’t compromise with your studies and exams! It will be either you celebrating your success in future along with all the people around you  OR you will be facing failure all alone along with your few near and dear ones feeling sorry for you while rest of the world will probably turn their back on you, even people you thought you were close to (if it happened or happens, remember lesson number 3). While it’s good to be socializing, you also have to firmly set your priorities straight and focus on what’s important and who’s important. Just in case if you weren’t aware of it, everybody else does that, in schools, colleges or work. You are at that time of your life where nobody else but only you yourself is capable of paving for a bright future. You heard it many a times but don’t forget. 

8. Honey, Save yourself from sugary words dominated by manipulative behavior please! That is, don’t let yourself to be used by people who only want their things get done while never giving a shit about you. Especially the young bloods tend to get easily manipulated by totally unhelpful sugary words of; I have to say it, “fake friends”. The moment you realize you are being used, somehow always make you feel guilty or feel bad about yourself even when you know you never did anything wrong, made to run errands for them even on your busy days when they can easily do it themselves, blaming you for their own mistakes to make you feel indebted to them; the moment you get a feeling that you are being manipulated, don’t push it away thinking you are being unkind or rude cause’ you are not. You are doing yourself a favor.
Don’t ever waste your time on such people cause’ they will never ever appreciate your love, your efforts, and your kindness unless some miracle happens. Such people will only waste your energy, emotions and time. So, once again, set your priorities straight and know that you probably aren’t in their priorities lists if they treat you that way.

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