8 Things to know before visiting Akshardham Temple

I have recently visited the temple and had a wonderful experience. I was also lucky to have a friend who already visited the temple and knew what to do beforehand.

If you are a tourist who has ‘Akshardham Temple’ in your bucket list or maybe you live in Delhi but has plans to visit the temple for the first time. The visit to this beautiful temple with detailed architectural design and peaceful environment with lush greenery and exotic water fountains is truly worth the visit. 

Here are a few things you should know before you visit the temple:

  1. The nearest metro is just a few minutes’ walk away if you travel by metro.
    The nearest metro station to the temple is ‘Akshardham’ metro station located on the blue line of Delhi metro. After exiting and coming out, you can reach the temple by walking. The Google map could be handy.
    P.S.: One of my friends was about to be duped by an Auto Rikshaw driver but saved on time by another of his compassionate peer while asking directions to the temple. Stay alert.

  2. No cell phones allowed and other electronic devices too.
    As much as you want to take your cell phones or cameras to click some pictures inside, you have to make peace with it that these electronic devices are not allowed inside.
    But it’s worth it because you will enjoy the moments spent inside and not interrupted by your cell phones. You can either keep it inside your car or deposit it to the free cloakroom along with your other belongings. 
    P.S.: There is a long line towards the cloakroom depending on the number of visitors.
  3. No foods from outside allowed too except for babies food. 
    So we can’t take foodstuffs from outside. And if you are worried you might feel hungry inside, there are food court within the temple premises. Babies’ foods are allowed.

  4. Cash, cards or jewelry allowed but no pets.
    We didn’t have a pet but pets are not allowed inside the temple. So better don’t take your pet for that day while visiting the temple. Purse or wallets with some cash or cards or passports are allowed.

  5. Smoking and alcohol consumption is strictly NO NO!
    Since the temple is a very sacred place, smoking and alcohol consumption or even carrying such within the parking and campus is strictly prohibited. So don’t even think about it.

  6. No entry fee: Exhibitions and water show inside are payable.
    After a long wait for the entry and waiting lines for security checking, you then enter the main entry for free and that to a beautiful sight right after you enter the temple premises. There are exhibitions and water show inside for which you have to buy and books tickets. For guidance, you can buy a small booklet inside and even other books depending on your preference.
  7. Strict dress code.
    No above the knee-length shorts or dresses allowed and the shoulders, chest, navel, and upper arms needs to be covered. They strictly check the dress code and even measure the dress. In case the dress codes do not meet their requirement, they do provide a free sarong which should be returned while exiting.

  8. Astonishing views inside and dazzling experience above all.
    All the long lines are worth the wait (in case of large numbers of visitors) because like I said above, your visit to this beautiful temple is worth the visit. 

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