A High Quality Education in government schools is a key to quality life for billions

India has come a long way from the age where majority of the population were illiterate. The government has successfully increased the number of pupils enrolled in schools over time. But the journey doesn’t end here. There are still children in rural areas where they are not able to get an education. Moreover, just enrolling children to school is not enough. Quality education is what every child deserves and a school should succeed in providing them that.

Over the years, with the growth of children enrolling in schools, people have also witnessed the growth of private schools. Increasing number of parents is opting out of government schools. They want their children to get the best education which, according to most parents, their children will get from private.
A Bollywood movie called “Hindi Medium” has wonderfully plotted these current events. That the parents not wanting their children to go to government schools, is a huge loophole in the education system and the government. Out of many hurdles, this is one of the major issues in India that the government needs to tackle as soon as possible. People with money may afford the best of best private schools in the country for their children but what about people who are financially weak? For them, the government schools are the source of gem. If the government education system fails to strengthen the government schools, then they are also failing the people who look up to them with hope.

These are the following known challenges that government schools face in terms of providing good quality education and that needs to be revamped:

  • Infrastructures which need to be improved sufficiently provided and maintained.
    Infrastructures are also a source to good environment and good quality education. Being said that, better infrastructure includes:
    – Lack of toilets has also let girl students to drop out of schools. Also, lack of separate toilets for girls and boys student leads to such disasters in public schools. Hence, toilets need to be provided.
    – Hygienic toilet
    – Building need to be maintained or new buildings built according to the needs.
    – Broken infrastructures like windows, chairs or tables needs to be replaced or mended.
    – Enough education materials like computers, lab instruments/equipments and boards need to be provided.
  • Lack of quality teaching and teachers needs to be improved:
    A common hurdle that students in government schools face is the lack of quality teachers. There are also cases where some teachers neither cover the syllabus nor attend the classes.
    Teacher’s absenteeism causes a bad impact to student’s education. Although some teachers are very dedicated in their field, the other population of teachers hugely contributes to leveling down the public schools.
    This needs to be tackled with strict laws in schools. The teachers in public schools need to be provided quality training for them to be providing quality education to students. Teachers hold the responsibility to shape the student’s future and the country’s future too. Hence teachers need to be trained to become very competent enough.
  • Dropouts of students, especially girls, due to lack of family’s support.
    This hampers the education of the children, who fails to stay motivated in schools to study further. In such cases, Teachers are not able to keep the students engaged.
    For such, awareness needs to be created that education is the only route to make everyone’s life better. Also, policymakers should come up with strategies to let every student complete their education.

Times are changing. The country is developing with fast paced economy. With that, there is an urgent need to transform our education system. So that every children from nooks and corners of the country are encouraged to go to schools and complete their education. Being barely literate is not enough. Everyone needs to be educated. For some private schools may fulfill their needs of education but majority of the people look up to public schools.


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