African Woman Exposed Sex Traffic Network in National Capital Region of India


BBC Africa Eye has uncovered a African sex network in New Delhi, India region that traffics women to India as sex workers for African men. This investigation features the story of a Kenyan woman called Grace who goes undercover to expose the people involved in the sex trade. She is one of the many young women who are trafficked from Africa to India. Grace responded to an advertisement for dancers and hostesses in a WhatsApp group.


When Grace arrived in New Delhi she was taken to a brothel, Her passport was confiscated and in order to regain her freedom, many women like Grace- have to pay a range from $3700 to $5800. Eventually when they pay off these debt amount after having sex with strangers for many months or even years, many find themselves trapped: living illegally in India, many have no choice but to continue to work in the sex industry.




Credits – BBC Africa Eye



Every night, gatherings are held across New Delhi. Scores of women parade themselves in front of men, who mingle and chat while being served drinks and African food in underground bars. The women are from East and West Africa. These meeting places – are illegal clubs known as “kitchens”. Even Sometimes they have to showcase themselves outside the Clubs or Malls like Hauz Khas Village Road, Connaught Place area, Other South Delhi Roads, sometimes MG Road Area Near Sahara Mall to look for Clients or strangers who are looking for paid sex in nights. These African Forced Sex Workers frequently face physical and sexual assaults even rapes in recent couple of years as local criminals know about the vulnerability, sometimes left unpaid and even gang raped knowing they won’t go to police or legal authority.