How Does Saving Electricity Help Save the Environment

We know for a fact that electricity is very crucial in our daily lives. Some people even consider electricity as more important than water. Without electricity, we will be covered in darkness. Electricity makes almost everything run. From the production of several things to simply lighting our homes, electricity is one great invention we cannot live without. However, as of today, we are encouraged to save electricity for the sake of saving the environment. But how does saving electricity help save the environment?

How Is Electricity Produced?

Electricity can be produced in many ways. It is produced by the burning of fossil fuels, by water, by wind, by nuclear fission, and by bio-waste.

These most commonly used methods can harm the environment. When electric companies burn fossil fuels, the process produces a large amount of carbon dioxide that greatly pollutes the air. The production of electricity by water seems to be a better means since it minimizes air pollution. However, this method can affect the natural ecosystem of water bodies.


What Happens When We Don’t Save Electricity?

If we don’t save electricity, there is always a demand for generating electricity. The more we consume electricity, the more the electric companies will burn fossil fuels or use water dams in order to provide the electricity we need. If that happens, the environment will suffer more of the by-products of the process.

This won’t be truly a problem if the electric companies decide to utilize a cleaner fuel. However, cleaner fuels are more expensive to operate so most electric companies only choose burning of fossil fuels and utilization of water dams.


How Can I Save Electricity?

To help Mother Earth escape from her impending doom, we should all conserve electricity to lessen the demand for generating more. Here are some tips on how you can save electricity at home.

Use fluorescent bulbs as your source of lighting at home. Fluorescent bulbs are found to be four times more efficient than incandescent bulbs but they can also provide the same amount of lighting in your home. Of course, you should turn them off when not in use.

Don’t pile your laundry. If you pile your laundry, you always tend to use your washing machine. To save electricity, it is better to wash your clothes with your hands. However, if you cannot avoid piling up your laundry, you should always use efficiently its timer facility to conserve energy.

Do not iron wet clothes because it takes a lot of time for the clothes to dry; hence, the iron is left open for extended hours. When ironing, always iron thick clothing first.

Use fans instead of air conditioners. An air conditioner consumes too much electrical power. To keep your home cool, Keep the windows opens so the natural fresh air gets in.

If you already understand how important it is to save electricity, you should be more careful about turning on your electric powered devices. Use them as you only need it. Don’t waste electricity. Don’t waste the remaining life of Mother Earth.

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