India Need’s More like ‘The Live Love Laugh Foundations’ started by Deepika Padukone

Mental illness is a medical condition which causes serious disorder in a person’s behavior or thinking. The illness, although being widespread, is still very less talked about. But mental illness shouldn’t be ignored and should be talked about to educate others and show support for the ones suffering from mental illnesses. So that people suffering from it can feel free to get help on time. Right now, India has the highest depression rate and the highest suicide rate of any country in the world. In 2018, the World Health Organization named India as the most depressed country followed by China and the U.S. During such phase, it is very important to tackle mental health illnesses with much awareness and effort by everyone. We are very much appreciative towards ‘The Live Love Laugh Foundation’ (TLLLF) founded by the actress Deepika Padukone in 2015. The actress has openly talked about how she went through anxiety and depression herself without fearing the stigma sticking to mental illnesses. She has founded this foundation to raise awareness of mental health and reduce stigma in India. The foundation also supports researches in the area of mental health in India. The foundation encourages open talk on mental health issues.

More of such initiatives need to be taken:

To raise awareness about mental health

Such foundations or initiatives help to bring awareness on mental health and the related problems. It helps people recognize the illness in their loved ones or even in oneself. Since, it happened that people couldn’t recognize it in themselves, that they were having mental health problems or depression. Mental health problems like all other diseases will affect anyone, notwithstanding where you belong. Awareness helps people to get treatment on time.
Such initiative helps to educate people on mental illnesses and hence awareness is created among people. 

To eliminate the stigma associated to mental illness

When you know that someone is having mental health problems, one should never call her with names like ‘crazy’ or ‘mad’ because they are not. They are only struggling with the illness, illness which can be treated. Earlier the treatment, the better as they say. People should stop stigmatizing mental illnesses. People should stop viewing those patients of mental illness with negativity. Such behaviors towards those struggling only give them more feelings of isolation or feelings of shame. A negative attitude towards them is no way helpful. Also, people who struggle from such illness should not feel shy to come out and get treatment. One should never feel afraid of being judged or labeled. Your illness doesn’t define you. You are not your mental illness but it’s that you have an illness which can be treated if you seek treatment on time.  

To eliminate discrimination against patients suffering from mental illness 

As a human being, the worst that we can do is discriminating, let alone discriminating against patients suffering from mental illnesses. A person who is depressed or struggling with mental illnesses is the ones who need utmost love, care, understanding, patience, and support from everyone. At this vulnerable time, society has the tendency to bully/harassment or exclusion and treatment of those struggling and their family with negativity. This needs to stop and it is foundations like the above which helps people to understand that everyone needs to take the right step. So that lives are saved.    

Betterment in equipment to tackle mental illness

The awareness brought about by organizations sends message to the policymakers that mental health issues need to be tackled with immediate measures. Reports site that in India there is an extreme shortage of mental health workers. According to TLLLF, there are only 3500 trained psychiatrists and even fewer psychologists. It sites that there are only 3 psychiatrists for a million people. At such times, it’s foundations like TLLLF which helps the society to address the mental health issues. These foundations also render help to those struggling with mental illnesses.
Such initiatives help to gather funds for mental health illness which helps to better in equipment to tackle mental health illnesses.    

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