Life in Delhi, beyond ‘crime patrol series’ and horrifying news


Lot of things happen in this diverse state, Delhi. I’m really sad about the horrible unfortunate crimes that happen here. The reason behind the heading, it’s because whenever I’m in Delhi, some of my friends and families who are overdosed with series like crime patrol and all the news in newspapers about Delhi, they are worried sick for me and tells me to be careful every time. Not only me but my friends here in Delhi tells me about the same experience, who are staying away from their family, like me. I’m grateful for such love and care. But there’s more to this city that I never knew about it until I started living here. Like any other place in the world, this place also has its own unique style of beauty and comfort which one can embrace wholeheartedly.

Like I stated above, this state is diverse in every sense and also in terms of places and people that make up this city. There is this vintage side to Delhi wherein you can explore all the beautiful sites of historical places and taste the Best of best varieties of traditional Indian cuisines.
Then you can witness the side of the tremendous growth of modernization in this city. Again there’s the availability of different varieties of cuisines from the world over and prevailing of modern cultures and architectures too. It is one of the most populated and busiest metropolitan areas in the world. Come to Delhi and this city never fails to give you what you ask for, from the finest visual experience of the place to food to shopping to hang out, anything according to your preferences.

Delhi, in short, is an exotic blend of ancient culture and traditions with the large-scale modernization.

Speak of religion and place of your faith and worship, this city won’t disappoint you. As diverse as this country is known for being, Delhi also houses all kinds of worship places. There are Hindu temples, Mosques, Buddhist temples, Churches, Gurdwaras and Jain temples. Delhi, being a capital city, is also a place where people from all over the India migrate to this city in search of jobs and a better lifestyle. It only adds to the diversity to the city which it already has.
All of this migration plus the modernization did lead to Delhi being one of the most polluted cities in the world in terms of air pollution. Everyone is hoping with good measures taken by the government body and individuals, the hard work will eventually pay off well to make the city green and not polluted.

To talk about shopping here, Delhi is a wonderland when it comes to that. In terms of electronics to clothes, there are varieties of biggest shopping places in the city and one can go by given the preferences of an individual.
There is the ancient shopping region like Chandni Chowk to the modern time’s shopping malls. There are other famous places such as the Dillī Haat, Khan market, Sarojini and many more. One can go to any of these depending on our needs and wants.

Besides, the everyday life that you live here is also as ordinary as you may live in any other part of the world. From morning to evening to morning, daily travelling for work to spending leisurely time during weekends or enjoying ice creams or Gol gappes around evenings during summer to having special chai during winter or summer. The bad news and the scenes in crime patrols are horrifying and they are truths, I agree. But there is also beauty to this city which the deeds of these mad, foolish people can never erase.

In this city, I’ve also made friends with the kindest and coolest peeps, kind of friendships which are going to last for lifetime. No matter which part of the world I will be in future, I will always want to come here to this city for all the positives it has to offer and always pray the rotten negatives part of Delhi which ignites the dislike to this city in people’s mind will soon disappear.



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