North Korea and the North Koreans

Did North Koreans wage the bloody Korean War only to create a separate state almost alike hell?


The Korean War between the North Korea (backed by China and the then Soviet Union) and South Korea (backed by United Nations and with principal support from the United States (U.S.)) was fought from 25th June 1950 till 27 July 1953.
After World War II Korea freed from Japan’s imperialism but it resulted in two separate governments in Korea, owing to the cold war. North Korea became a socialist state under the communist leadership of Kim II-sung and South Korea became a capitalist state under the leadership of Syngman Rhee. Both the states claimed to be the sole legitimate government of all of Korea and this led to a conflict which escalated into warfare.

After World War II and after the Korean War, the world can see a wide gap of difference between the two states or now countries.

While South Korea enjoys the freedom of democracy, North Korea lives under a dictatorship and politically motivated heavy manipulation. The citizens in North Korea, according to North Korean defectors, are prone to cruelty by their dictatorship and the regime.
The defectors have said that people in North Korea are indoctrinated and brainwashed to such an extent that people don’t have any idea about freedom or human rights.

The government of North Korea apparently has the wealth to conduct all those notorious nuclear tests and can even afford to build the statues of the dictators while average citizens there have to constantly deal with food shortages and malnutrition. Men, Women, Pregnant women and children of North Korea all are paying the price for the exploitation and negligence of the DPRK regime.

People there face outright cruelty wherein they are shot dead even for merely watching a Hollywood or South Korean movies. They are manipulated to believe that their dictator is a god.
The manipulation and cruelty combined; there seems no room for a few people who are aware of the injustice, to protest or even speak about it fearing for their lives and their family’s lives (They are taken as prisoner, tortured or killed).

North Korea is also widely accused of having the worst human rights record in the world.
Human Rights Watch referred to North Koreans as some of the world’s most brutalized people.
It is also known that some people in the country are trying to escape the brutality and escape to neighbour South Korea or other countries like those who have already succeeded in escaping after much hardship and with luck.

Going by the current situation in North Korea which is only a continuation of oppressive and abusive rule, one may only wonder if the North Koreans in the past who fought the bloody Korean War only to live under a brutal regime who enjoys a bountiful luxury themselves while the average citizens are mostly suffering under viscous rule and facing famine time to time.

All those who supported North Korea during the Korean War and the North Korean regime, none of them suffered or are suffering. But it’s the rest of the North Koreans who have suffered during the war, after the war and are still suffering.

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