Sharing is Caring! Time to Share the world

First, the two countries may become enemy due to various reasons. Then somehow the two countries aren’t enemy anymore and become friends. When there is no threat from the outside, people within the country starts getting divided and become enemies. They start hating each other based on their religions, belief, caste, race, etc. People belonging to the same country suddenly forget the strength of unity, forget the beauty in living with acceptance of each other’s differences. People stop listening to each other. Sometimes, unfortunately, their hate for each other takes a violent turn. They may get divided into separate communities. Even then, people within the same communities again start forming enemies among themselves. Hate and jealousy brews due to their differences in beliefs or probably out of greed for power and pride. Sometimes, even the family members become enemies. 

Why is the world so hateful? What does it take to accept each other and live in harmony? Nobody will lose anything if we all help each other out yeah. But people have to make things complicated, difficult and ugly. Countries these days would rather spend billions on weapons and catastrophic nuclear bombs but people dying of hunger and diseases are just neglected, the water crisis is still not feared nor the global heating.
Instead of contributing to save our environment, people would rather fund the wars and for what?

These days it has also become so easy for people to spit out their rage and hate through social media. People go to the extent of threatening each other of war that is also of “nuclear war”, easily neglecting the consequences of actual nuclear war. 

(Please watch Chernobyl and don’t forget the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This is for the war lovers and who loves to boast about nuclear weapons, just so you know it’s not as easy as you say or think.) 

Human civilization has come a long way. Yet, so many children, women, and men are still dying in the modern world simply because people choose violence over peace; enmity over friendship; weapons over dialogue; jealousy over empowering; and greed over love. 

Why it is so difficult for people to understand that happiness is a choice and we all are capable of making the right choices. Social media could be used to spread positivity and not make it into a warzone. We could always divert our energies into helping the vulnerable people, especially the poor. Since usually the poor people are the most vulnerable ones who take the brunt of every kind of hate, violence and climate calamities. 

The world could be a better place if we all think of lifting each other up and invest our time and energy on bettering our lives and not destroying it. 

Kindness won’t harm anyone and in John Lennon’s words:
Can’t we just give peace a chance and all of us share the world eh.


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