Stuffs that are on my desk

Most of us are drawn to keep stuffs on our desks out of habits or going by our needs or simply out of our interests to decorate our desks/tables. Be it at home or in the office and schools/hostels.
So here are the 5 things that are on my desk, stuffs which I need and some which I simply desire to keep. And please feel free to share about the stuff you need or love to keep on your desk on the comments section.

(I never prefer using the mobile stand and so, my phone lays flat on my desk)

1.A notepad


So, once it was an interest fueled by my desire upon seeing beautifully designed notepads to buy those but now it’s become a habit to simply keep a notepad on my desks. I even carry one while travelling since I really kinda love my notepads. One to write out my thoughts, one to make various lists, in emergencies when I quickly need to note something down and to the point I even have a ‘notepad apps on my phone’. But I always will prefer the real ones than the apps.
I just need a notepad because time and again I need to scribble down something. So there’s no question why I don’t need one on my desks. It just feels incomplete without one. And I’m sure out there; there are some who can’t live without a notepad?

2.  A mug (depending on my mood, filled with; black coffee, lemonade, water, tea, etc)

So, yes. I can’t think of working or studying without having a mug on my desk and filled. Though mostly I prefer black coffee and while some people say black coffee is bad for health, I read blogs which says black coffee has health benefits. But again, ‘too much of everything is not good’ they say. Someday it’s green tea or hot lemon water or simply water or juices, all depending on my mood I guess and of course, it also depends on what I’ve got available to fill up my cup.


3. Pen Holder

If not penholder, then what? So, I always land up either buying a penholder or DIY-ing it. Pen holders I think are much more comfy to keep it on your desk than using pencil pouches or cases. Of course those pouches or cases, I do carry them most often but I solely prefer penholder on my desk than those.

4.  Statues of ‘laughing Buddha’

So who doesn’t believe in laughing Buddha bringing good fortunes or wealth or simply say, lots of luck? Anyways, I do, I do believe in laughing Buddha and I don’t keep it on my desks only to draw those fortunes but also to grab positivity those statues radiates.

Well, well, does age matters to be a fan of Avengers Movies or to be intrigued by Marvel’s movies (Marvel Cinematic Universe) as well as the DC movies (DC extended Universe as they call it)? I guess not, looking at the box-office collections of all those movies and since I also love watching all those movies still, at 25.
So a few years ago my baby-brother received a gift of a hulk statue along with that of a superman and spider-man. He played with it for a while and ignored. Then I took a chance and tried keeping it on my study table and woah, I totally loved my setup of those statues on my desk. Although I don’t carry it where ever I locate to due to work ‘because little brother wouldn’t have allowed it anyway. So, I found solace by buying new ones.

6. A hand cream

I prefer washing my hands time to time than using hand sanitizer (although I carry around hand sanitizers just in case) and if you are just like me, we know how hand creams are so useful to keep your hands moisturized. It’s a saviour for my dry skin.

7. If it counts, cello tapes and stapler (& stapler pins) which I usually keep it inside the drawers or in an (again) DIY-ed boxes.

8. Occasionally, some snacks.


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