The 7 Websites I Visit Most Often and why

I just googled to find out that there are more than 1.4 billion websites on the worldwide website today, according to internet live stats and more than 4 billion internet users in the world. Yes right, huge numbers!
And Here I am, 1 out of billions, bowing to my passion, obeying to my work and thus writing about the 7 websites I visit most often and the reason why I do it and feel free to write yours in the comment section:

  1. Quora
    Although I say I don’t know who doesn’t use Quora these days quite often but a lot of people I surround myself with has no idea about Quora and it’s quite sad to know that. My questions that gets answered on Quora by people who has knowledge about the subject, the information I get from it which sometimes I’m unable to find anywhere else, I’m only thankful that I (& we) have Quora. I’m Grateful to others who use Quora, also taking their precious time out to answer people’s questions or doubt and being helpful.
    It’s been more than four years since I first started using Quora website and very seldom I’ve come across ugly debate or people quarreling here. Rather, here I’ve found more of sensible answers and insightful reasoning.
    I wasn’t aware but I read on Quora that it has this very strict ‘be respectful’ policy which I think makes it even better. Means, no slang or bullies! I’ve also come across some silliest of questions which were ironically and smartly, left ignored by Quora users. Such questions would have been easily answered, mocked and talked or argued over on other websites. 
  2. Not facebook nor twitter but Instagram
    I went through Wikipedia’s list of the most popular websites worldwide to find out that Facebook is on the 3rd rank and twitter on 11th rank while Instagram stands at 15th, and how? I wondered. (But again, different people, different opinions.) However, I personally prefer Instagram and this is the website that I visit most often. I can socialize, I get the news, the contents are less spam-like (as in facebook), I can follow my idols and I get to keep in touch with families and friends. And how now we can even shop on Instagram. Apart from all these usual stuff, these days, people find Instagram quite handy to boost their business through better advertising platform it provides. Also, numbers of people shifting towards this photo/video sharing app/website is only increasing while the reports say there’s a decline in usage of facebook/twitter/ Snapchat.For a person like me who loves photography, I also find using Instagram quite pleasing to the eyes how it is solely about pictures/images and the way people expresses through photos. Then appreciating people flaunting their photography skills. Instagram gives a broader way to artistic instincts. Here we can try enhancing our photography skills. We can connect and learn from people who share similar interest. Also, the edit section and mostly the Instagram filters are much better than the rest.
  3. Wattpad
    who loves reading? Wattpad is one of the best go to place for those who love reading fiction novels or stories. Not only reading but it also provides a platform to showcase your writing skills where in you can start writing your own stories. Although I only use Wattpad to read novels but if you guys have any interest to write novels or stories and actually want to get it noticed, then you can try your hands on wattpad for it’s one of those website which provides great opportunity to aspiring writers. It also provides a number of writing contest every year and anybody with a Wattpad account can participate in it. Isn’t that fascinating? (I use the Wattpad app).There’s also a good chance that your work might get published. Authors like Anna Todd and Natasha Preston are ones we all can take inspiration from who started their journey from Wattpad and later became New York Times Bestselling authors.
  4. Wikipedia
    Again, who doesn’t use Wikipedia?! We get every bit of details on almost about everything that exists and are happening around the world. It also helps to quench some of my biggest burning curiosities. It provides knowledge and wisdom.
  5. British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) website and app
    I know, BBC is the world’s oldest national broadcasting organization but that’s not the reason. I visit the BBC website (have the app on my phone too) very often because not only it’s been a habit I got from my father (who still watch BBC news channel on TV every morning) but also, I find it a better and an authentic source for getting news. I keep updated with the world through BBC website or its mobile application while very less often I rely on other websites for news.
  6. Vogue (vogueworld)
    I’m sure most women and men frequent the vogue websites and I do it too, mostly to get some vogue styling tips or ideas and some celebrity news. I may not be a fashionista or the go to person to get every fashion tips or latest trends, but I do love to keep myself updated with some of what’s new and get some ideas on how to wear and what to wear at the same time not boast about my fashion sense.
  7. You tube
    To watch music videos, funny videos, learn some lessons, watch speeches, for ted talks, Ellen show clips, and the list could go on. It’s useful, it’s entertaining and educative. Depending on what you want, youtube has it all. It’s totally in our hands whether to make good use of this creative tool or not.

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