The Height of Child pornography in India: Should be urgently talked about and eliminated.

Child pornography is nothing but a manipulated crime against children. The innocence and vulnerability of children is abused in the evilest way possible. Children, at their age group, need protection and intense care from society. Yet they become victims to the dark world.

It is an organized crime which is known to be a multi-billion dollar international sex trade industry. Children are physically and mentally abused for creating child porn. Often times, this crime involves child trafficking. Other times, children are coerced through grooming or threatened and pressured by other means by the perpetrators known to those children.
At a very tender age, they repeatedly face violence, abuse and exploitation in the hands of perpetrators. Child pornography is also known to trigger some men to sexually abuse children. So the children are abused endlessly.
The children are then exposed to serious trauma, to depression and diseases, alcohol and drugs. Their future is at risk because mostly they are at risk to grow as an adult into abuser or perpetrators according to studies. Although different child reacts differently to the abuse, no child is able to escape the harm caused by such exploitation. Child pornography spreading around the world is one major global concern. And over the years, it reached India’s digital world. A civilization as ancient as in India is facing this degrading of humanity. Not just the creator of child porn, but the distributors and viewers are equally sick, evil and criminals. With the increase in use of internet technology in India, child pornography is sickeningly spreading like wildfire in internet sites and social media applications.

The heights of child pornography videos spreading in India: when recently a 32-year-old Indian man was caught at Perth airport in Australia with two phones containing child pornography videos and other objectionable material. He was due to appear in Perth Magistrates Court on 28th of January, according to local new report.
Another case that we all witnessed in 2018 is when the Times of India reported about an account called ‘Gaon Ki Bachiya’ or Village Girls in a Chinese social media app called Kwai. This account with 98,000 followers then, repeatedly posted videos of children especially young girls (as young as two or three) lip-syncing and dancing in an age-inappropriate manner. Other times, they were innocently doing chores like cooking or drawing water from the well. Then there were comments mostly by men, heinously complimenting and asking to show more skin.

Child pornography is a crime in India by law and yet the videos of children been sexually exploited are spreading. This is a sharp slap of shame on our face as a society, to the government and the law. For not providing children the protection that is their rights. It’s a crucial time at this age of the digital era when people and government urgently need to tackle these growing crimes. A heinous crime like child pornography needs a zero tolerance law.

Right now is not the time to shy away from such subjects because there’s nothing to shy about to educate on staying safe. Report such crimes if you know or see it on social media applications. Educate children on safety in internet by parents and teachers.
A huge awareness needs to be created by the media as well as schools, NGOs and parents to their kids. It needs to be talked about and eliminated completely from our society together (by the people, government and law).
Whatsapp, a famous social media application has already taken a step by blocking 1,30,000 accounts in 10 days to fight child pornography. The law of India also blocked the child pornographic sites. These are however, initial steps taken. There is lot to be done to save children from being trapped in this filthy and dark world.
Together, let’s give children a safe society which they expect and hope for with all the innocence

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