Deadly Malnutrition Still Alive in 21st Century in South Asia

We have always heard about how we all live only once, that we should value our life, environment & people around us and especially “time”. But how often do we really truly consider those advices and apply it in our lives?
The daily news I read always push me into doing some deep thinking sorts, though momentarily sometimes. And I thought, why not write my thoughts here and reflect everything around me. I’ll get to hear your opinions too.   

The News about the malnourished Children in Muzzaffarpur 
So, the other day at work, I was reading news while also drinking my morning cup of coffee. What caught my eyes was the headline of the deaths of children due to acute encephalitis syndrome (AES) in Muzaffarpur district, Bihar India. And nothing is as heartbreaking as it is to know that the children are suffering out there, they are dying and to know that this could have been prevented, their lives could have been saved. 

I pushed the coffee cup a bit aside. I don’t know if I should or shouldn’t have felt it but I felt a pang of guilt mixed with sadness and disappointment upon reading the news. While the rest of us are busy complaining about the heat (while sitting in an air-conditioned room), food and life in general, we don’t realize the luxury we are gifted with. We may not be rich but still the millions of people out there dream of being exactly where you and I are right now.

From what I learned from various news, such deaths of children, below 10 years old, of poor families has been recorded in Mazaffarpur since the 1990s. And it’s 2019 and still, the numbers are not decreasing. The current scorching heatwave may have triggered the disease but malnutrition among these children is one of the major causes for their deaths due to AES, according to reports.
The Hindu Business Line has also highlighted that the death tolls of the children could be double the reported numbers, 157. It also highlights the reason for such huge numbers of death in children; very limited doctors, untrained doctors and poor infrastructure. Going by the reports, the lives of those children could have been saved if preventative measures were stronger. 

These are nothing but the failure of the government of that State and often, the vulnerable poor people and their children bear the brunt of this failure and negligence.
While the country‘s economy is growing, the poor always seems to be somehow been neglected and let to suffer when they have the equal rights to share of fruit of the growing economy.

The government of a prospering country at the least could provide a nutritious meal to the poor and especially children, better and free health facilities and education.

According to the food aid foundation’s Hunger statistics, around 795 million people in the world do not have enough food to lead a healthy active life while Asia stands as the continent with the hungriest people. Then the CRY states that India has the maximum number of malnourished children in the world. 

Such is the scenario of the world we live in today. Being an Asian, this is utterly sad that poor and their children barely get to eat properly while the rest of the world is busy complaining, quarreling or debating continuously about every other thing but these most vulnerable people are neglected.  

As an individual, am I entitled to complain about pettiest of pettiest issues? Are we? I guess not. The least we all can do is not complain and rather try helping the ones in need. If not in millions, we can make donations in 100s and 1000s and that would also make a difference. People like you and me can urge the governments to give proper care to the vulnerable people and the malnourished children. 

We can spread awareness and stories of these people so that other people too can feel the need or crave to make this world a better place, where at least the children don’t have to sleep in hunger, children don’t have to suffer with malnourishment and diseases, where they can get to see life and not die before they even get to live properly.  Above all, the children despite of their social status or race or ethnicity or religion, deserve a nourishing food, safe water and better health facilities and schools.


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