Why addressing climate change is not becoming a key political agenda

Well, the outright denials are first and foremost reason why most people or most politicians don’t address the climate change and the scientific studies of it.
The face of anger and disgust most people show on hearing some of us talk about climate change and global warming is both ironic and surprising. Because when some of us who address such issues, we are neither being opinionated/being negative nor are we insane. We are just talking about the scientific facts presented to us there in the open. All we could do is do some studies and researches.  

The scientists are saying that there is a rapid change in the global weather patterns repeatedly. Any lay person can simply observe the change taking place around us due to climate change.

It feels like we human beings are too busy in our lives that we are not considering the fact that we, ourselves are preparing for the doomsday to happen soon.
The doomsday doesn’t necessarily have to be like they show in movies like 2012 where everything is destroyed in one go. Climate change is observed in long durations, in centuries as the science says. So the doomsday caused by this is happening gradually, compared to the time we humans get to live which is less than a century. The destructions are already started as we can see like the floods, heat waves, glaciers melting, etc.

Perhaps the denials are caused due to many misconceptions about climate change since there is the natural and man-made climate change. According to what I found while doing some research, natural ones take millions of years for the change in climate to happen. But the man-made one causes the change in climate to happen pretty fast, in two to three hundred years. And very little is being done about it. So, we are calling the doomsday to come closer and sooner? Perhaps!   

We have seen students across the world protesting for the climate, yet why most of the politicians aren’t responsive towards their simple request?
The great economy and military power are what everyone has been trying to achieve since the olden days. Yet today, when we all are already bearing the brunt of mistakes of the past, the world is still continuing our forefather’s path in destroying this earth.

Just on March 28th, 2019 CNN has reported that a study said the climate change could expose 1 billion more people to bug-borne disease. I mean, the damage is countless and it only gets added up on. What is the use of all the powers and wealth if we all are going to finally succumb to the climate change hazard? The disaster is quite inevitable if we go to the phase we are going.

All the massive floods, extreme droughts, increased sea levels, increased number of hurricanes and storms are killing people and animals. Seeing the photographs of dry cracked lands is enough to send us chills down the spine. Yet it’s shocking how most people are still in denial and ignorance.

Well, it’s high time we all accept the fact and start acting on it.

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