Why not cry?

What is the first thing that comes up in your mind when you hear this word “cry”? May be it is the judgmental thought of highly emotional people who cry very often, that reflex cry while cutting the onions or the cry of a baby (their first form of communication).  
People shed tears at different occasions; in times of feeling pain, sorrow or grief or sometimes extreme happiness; when your eyes are exposed to dust, wind or smoke. Then there are basal tears constantly present in our eyes keeping our cornea nourished, protected and lubricated.  There’s this stigma of crying as an act of small kids or babies, “oh so girlish” or a sign of vulnerability or weakness. But everybody should know that crying has benefits on both our body and mind. Sharon Martin, a licensed psychotherapist in private practice in San Jose, Calif., told Medical Daily (@medicaldaily) in an email, “I encourage crying because it purges negative energy and allows for new, positive energy to fill us up. Sometimes people feel embarrassed or ashamed about crying, especially in public. Crying is normal and nothing to be ashamed of.”

When you need to cry, you cry. There’s no point in holding it inside. Crying is self-soothing; it consoles your soul and gets you some relief from pain. Whether crying in front of people or when alone, at least cry when your mind and body urges you to.  It’s never a sign of weakness. Crying is definitely not a sign of representing gender. It is only a sign of you being a human.  Many researchers have taught us how crying has health benefits. So when you cry even in your adulthood, you are only taking intuitive for your good health. We all need a good cry at one point or other in life.  Not just from the researchers’ wisdoms, but also through our own experience, we know how crying helps us. Have you ever been there where you dealt with stress and anxiety caused by some circumstances in life? You wanted to cry it out but you didn’t. The more you held it inside, the more stressful situations became. After all those turmoil you went through, finally, when you have a good cry, you feel relief. For some, you cry yourself to sleep. It feels better right, much better.

There’s no harm in crying and nothing to be shy of. There’s nothing to worry about people judging you. Those people themselves have definitely cried in their lives. You and only you have the power over your emotions. Like The Beatles said, “let it be”. You can cry when you are sad, grieving, hurt, angry or in times of joy. For doing that you are not weak nor is it going to make you weak. Cry and you emerge even stronger than before.     


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