Words Sarcasm

Red Light:

A red traffic light which instructs the moving vehicle to stop but for some dumbos, red traffic light is just a synonym for green traffic light.



It’s earned. And not demanded nor begged for.



A multitasker who is a chef, a house keeper, plumber, sometimes evens a technician, a caregiver and office goers all at the same time.


Cricketers in India


Hi, I’m a cricketer in India and I play for my country, my nation.
If I win, I’m treated almost like a god.
Ah, lot of praises, pride, emotions.
No offense though but
If I lose, I’m prone to abuses, pretty harsh criticisms.
Even my house is prone to stoning.
My girlfriend/wife is blamed for my losses.
Oh and even my effigies are burnt.
And Wait for it.
Even I could get pelted with stones or bottles.
Uhm…but..aaahh they are my fans. Truest fans!
Even they claim that they are die-hard fans of the sport, cricket and mine.



A thief sprouted out of your brain which only eats up your brain and stops you to be in your right mind.



A scared pessimist who has got nothing better to do and is quite a sympathetic loser.



People next-door, who claims to all your personal information; Where you go, what time you go and come back, what you wear, what you eat, what you possess, what you do, who you are dating and oh, so many more.



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