World Migratory Bird Day

Birds and Plastic pollution: A biodiversity crisis

To some people’s dismay who isn’t very much concerned about pollution, they had to face unwelcomed reports and images of how birds are dying due to pollution, especially the plastic pollution which also leads to marine pollution.

Studies have shown that plastic takes more than 400/450 years to decompose and sadly whopping 91% of plastic doesn’t get recycled. Hence very large numbers of plastic wastes are spewed into oceans from the land.
The plastic debris thus collected in the oceans and on ocean shores then leads to plastic ingestion by birds mistaking it for food by the smell caused due to it being covered with algae. Birds getting entangled in plastic bags have also been seen by all in real and in pictures. These only cause slow and painful death of not only the birds, especially seabirds but also to marine animals.

These figures and facts are a dangerous threat not only to these birds but to the whole of biodiversity. Birds and other animals are already paying the price of human inflicted pollution but right now human beings at large haven’t been directly impacted by pollution generated ecosystem instability.

Researchers have already put forward reports of how millions of species are at the risk of mass extinction and this extinction is being caused at an unusual fast pace at a very short duration due to careless human activities. It has a very bad impact on the ecosystem and the report shows that now soon, humans are going to directly affected by the current biodiversity crisis

World migratory day raises various issues every year but the actions taken are very less. Many activists have protested for a safer environment but no major changes have been taken anywhere around the world. The threat is neglected to the extent that now the reports shows that already 90% of seabirds feed on plastics. The figures of birds eating plastics is said to only grow.

Such is the crisis that everyone needs to acknowledge the reality of danger inflicted by plastic pollution. This issue needs to be raised and awareness needs to be spread. We all can practice healthy methods to protect the environment and the birds and all the other animals, even prevent a mass extinction at that. Plastic pollutions must be put an end to.

Perhaps we won’t have biodiversity crisis and environmental disaster if the governments around the world and people, with or without wealth, invest in environmental protection with dire measures taken rather than wasting money in revenge wars or killing innocent lives.


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