Top 5 LGBT Leaders around the World

We look forward to such circumstances where leaders around the world are elected based on their capabilities and political actions rather than based on their gender, race, skin tone, religion or Sexual Orientation. 

Our world now is a much free world than it ever was before and we think it will thrive to be free. This hope is driven by these five Prime Ministers who have leaded and leading a country while openly admitting to being a gay or lesbian which didn’t stop them to thrive and be on top. Both the elected leaders and people of those countries are exemplary for the rest part of the world, especially for those who are in denial to come out of small-minded intolerance.

Let’s take a look:


1.Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir

Becoming Iceland’s first female Prime Minister on Feb 1, 2009, during her time as the head of government, Iceland witnessed its success in overcoming the financial crisis and becoming a model for gender equality, among her achievements.  She declared not seeking re-election and retired from politics in September 2012.

Jóhanna has famously said it: “The Nordic countries are leading the way on women’s equality, recognizing women as equal citizens rather than commodities for sale.”  Born on October 4, 1942, in Reykjavík, Iceland, Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir is the world’s first Head of Government who have openly accepted being a Lesbian. She is also Iceland’s longest-serving member of Parliament.



2.Leo Varadkar

“It’s not something that defines me. I’m not a half-Indian politician, or a doctor politician or a gay politician for that matter. It’s just part of who I am, it doesn’t define me, it is part of my character I suppose.”– Leo VaradkarVaradkar is Ireland’s first openly gay Prime Minister since June 2017 and also the first of Indian heritage. He campaigned for the ‘repeal of eighth Amendment’, Ireland’s well-known move to liberalize the abortion laws. 

Varadkar also advocated the same-sex marriage referendum, the World’s first marriage-equality referendum. He became Taoiseach (Prime Minister and the Head of Government of Ireland) at the age of 38, hence considered the youngest in Ireland to hold the head of the office. 

Born in Dublin on 18th January 1979, he graduated from the School of Medicine (Trinity College, Dublin) in 2003 and qualified as a general practitioner in 2010. Meaning: He’s a doctor who became Prime Minister. Varadkar is also well known for bringing his partner on his official visit with Mike Pence ‘the one with anti-LGBTQ views’.



3.Elio Di Rupo

Born on 18th July 1951 in Belgium, Di Rupo was the first Prime Minister in Belgium of non-Belgian descent; both of his parents were Italians. He’s a social-democratic politician who held the office as the Prime Minister of Belgium from 6 December 2011 to 11 October 2014. People also know him for ending Belgium’s historic 589 days without a government, upon being appointed as the Prime Minister of Belgium. He recognizes himself as an ‘atheist, rationalist and freemason’.

Di Ripo is fluent in Italian, French, and English and became improved on his Dutch after becoming the Prime Minister. He is the world’s second openly gay person since he came out as gay in 1996; also the first openly gay man to be the head of government. Thus becoming the second openly gay Prime Minister after Iceland’s Prime Minister Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir. Di Rupo has a Ph.D. in Chemistry and he was initially thought to be the weakest Prime Minister by his critics and others but he emerged stronger than thought to be. 



4. Xavier Bettel 

The third openly gay person elected as Prime Minister in the world and the first-ever of Luxembourg has held the office since 4th December 2013. He became the first openly gay Prime Minister in the world to be re-elected for the second term following 2018 Luxembourg general election. Bettel was born in Luxembourg city on 3rd March 1973. In the 2000s, Bettel hosted a weekly talk show called Sonndes em 8 on the then private T.TV television network.

On 15th May 2018, Bettel tweeted on his tweeter account on equal rights: “In over 70 countries I wouldn’t be able to celebrate my third wedding anniversary today because I would be in jail or even worse. 

XB #EqualRights



5. Ana Brnabić

A Serbian politician, Brnabić was ranked by Forbes magazine in 2018 as the 91st most powerful woman in the world and 21st most powerful female political and policy leader. Brnabić is the Prime minister of Serbia since 29th June 2017. She is listed as the fifth openly LGBT head of government in the world while she is the first woman and first openly gay person to hold the office in Serbia. Brnabić holds an MBA diploma from the University of Hull and was the director of Continental Wind Serbia. Brnabić and her government prioritize modernization, education reforms, and digitization.

In an interview, Brnabić said; “Serbia is changing and changing fast, and if you will, I am part of that change, but I do not want to be branded ‘Serbia’s gay PM’. The message we need to send is about competence, professionalism and trustworthiness.”


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